Taipeistreet by night

Alone In Taipei

Remember that movie called Lost In Translation? If you’ve seen it you have also heard the song Alone In Kyoto by Air, which played while Scarlett Johansson explored Kyoto by herself. It’s my favorite part of the movie, and I often relive the emotion that I suspect it was trying to capture, when I need some alone time or just get the chance.

So today I biked around Hualien with my parents all day, got hella sunburned too. Oops! And then rode the train alone back to Taipei where I am now checked into a cosy little hostel. I’ll stay two nights here and then two nights in another one. Costs about 700 NT$ per night for a single private room, and it’s near NTNU and a bunch of lesbian and queer hangouts I am told. So gonna be checking that stuff out tomorrow probably. Oh and place is called Parachute Hostel and is kinda hard to find because the door is tiny, like most hostels here. But it seems pretty decent so far if one doesn’t mind listening to cars driving by and wants an unusually cheap room. Staff has pretty high English skills, too.

I already went to the nearby Shi Da night market and shopped some korean clothes and a cute totoro purse. And I finished reading this too:

Girl Friends book cover

It was a really good read and super cute, but the ending is really mean and I just absolutely have to know what happens next. Crossing my fingers that they have it in Taipei somewhere, but I’m not really sure where to go. I forgot whether they have English manga in Eslite or not. Gotta have my dosage of shoujo-ai, ughh.

Okay good night.

Ximending as seen from Ximen MRT station

Reunion with Ximending

Saturday 12th I went to Ximending for the first time in 4 years.
I’m back in Taiwan, this time dragging my parents and sister along, but last Saturday they left for a bike trip by the rivers while I went to re-explore Ximending by myself. Continue reading